lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Milan design week - Ventura/Lambrate

Now you tell my "Milan Design Week" with photos.
There is much more project of young people, therefore there are various creativity idea.
It is very big then public for zones. Now start with Ventura/Lambrate.

This is a cafè table. The blue part is stationary, but red and yellow parts turns, rise and fall. 
It is very utility and can personalize.

Eirlys, by Jack Smith
This  is a wood's lamp, seem flower but for me it's seem a Hope lamp

This is particolaur because is black turn outside the chair but the realist color inside the chair.

SOS (supercycle our sofas)
If you no says as your you can a simple solutions with any materials!

This is Ventura bar and the only important bar in the area, with some pieces of design of Maarten Baas.
This bar is very youth but elegant for important persons. It is a very contraddictions.

This is middle coat stand but with the mirror seems the whole.

Analogia #003 
Are forniture create with wires in a room!

Via Pitteri has exibithed the best design schools in Europe.
The results is fantastic!

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